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We’ve made the ultimate stamp of approval for you and your business. PayProff equals safe exchanges. So your customers can shop with confidence. Every time. 🤝
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  2. Finanstilsynet
Banking Partner

How it works

Reduce risk, and increase trust in your business. ✅

Customer protection

Maximum protection against being scammed

Know the identity of who you are dealing with

Receive and approve item/service before payment

Your protection

Only inquiries from sincere buyers

Guaranteed that buyer is able to pay the money

PayProff insurance up to a 100k

How can companies use our services?

PayProff A/S is a Danish provider of escrow services. An escrow account is a special insured deposit account that is protected against insolvency in which the funds of a deal/ transaction can rest securely until the terms of that deal have been fulfilled.

You can use PayProff to reduce your own risk or your customers' risk when buying and selling goods and services online. We infuse the exchange process with trust and safety, providing peace of mind for you and the customers involved. 🎉

Let's work together

What we do

We are the safest place to do exchanges 🤝

We safely ensure the money exchange for buyer and seller.

We verify the identity of all users on the platform.

We monitor suspicious behaviours.

We report to the police and the Financial Authority.

with our API

PayProff’s API enables your business to use the power of our secure money transfer accounts. This is ideal for you who have an e-commerce or marketplace website that wish to enable safe exchanges for your customers.

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   "email": "user@example.com",
   "phoneNumber": "string",
   "phoneNumberAreaCode": "str",
   "firstName": "string",
   "middleName": "string",
   "lastName": "string",
   "address": "string",
   "zipCode": "string",
   "city": "string",
   "state": "string",
   "country": "string",
   "isPep": true,
   "socialSecurityNumber": "string",
   "birthDate": 0,
   "displayLanguage": "da"

We are very satisfied with using PayProff to secure the transactions for our daily car auctions.

Our customers feel safe and confident when they buy and sell their cars on our platform

Rasmus Pallesen

CEO Solgt.com

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