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No Fear. No Fraud. No Fuss.

Start a safe exchange in the PayProff app. 🤝


The buyer deposits the money into PayProff’s secure account. 🔒


The seller ships the item - or delivers the service. 📦


When the buyer receives the item or service, the money will be released to the seller. 💰

It’s really that simple to make a safe exchange with PayProff. 🎉
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Trust goes
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You can’t put a price on trust. However, we’ve managed to make it cheap and fair, to do a safe exchange between buyer and seller.

Enter the amount and see how cheap it is for you to be safe. 👈
What we do to make your exchange safe

Buyer & seller ID verification.

All users are asked to verify by MitID. ✅

Transaction notifications

We keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. Keeping you updated. 📱

Buy with confidence

Your money is safely stored until you receive the item/service. 💸

Sell with confidence

You’ll get proof of funds even before you deliver the item/service 🤝

What people buy and sell using PayProff

We know it’s never fun to be scammed. Therefore people use PayProff to securely buy and sell everything you can imagine from phones, laptops, bikes and CS:GO skins; to cars, jewellery and boats.

Because safety is nice, no matter the transaction size. ✌🏼







Don't just take our
word for it

I love using PayProff when I am selling my customised sneakers on DBA.

They are quite expensive, and I put a lot of work into creating them, so I need to make sure the buyer is serious. With PayProff, I know the buyers are committed to the deal.

Oliver Hansen

I used it to buy a MacBook Air from Facebook Marketplace

I’m so happy I discovered PayProff. I used it to buy a MacBook Air from Facebook Marketplace, and it really made me feel safe knowing I didn’t just send a lot of money to a stranger and hope it arrives.

Victor Lindstrom

You always hear about someone that got scammed of a large amount of money when they bought a used car online.

When I use PayProff, I know I will not be that person because my money is safe, and the seller will do their best to send the product as we agreed.

Gorm Vestergaard

How to avoid online fraud and scams

Hvad er PayProff – og hvorfor skal du vælge os som escrow service?

PayProff er din sikkerhed, når du handler på nettet. Særligt i forbindelse med store handler giver det både sælger og køber tryghed at bruge en tredjeparts service...

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Højsæson for depositums svindel i Danmarks Universitetsbyer: sådan undgår du at falde i fælden.

67.000 fik svar på, om de er kommet ind på deres drømmestudie i Danmark. For dem der gjorde, betyder det, at boligjagten nu går igang. Men det betyder også, at det igen er højsæson for depositum svindel. PayProff gør det nemt og sikkert for lejesøgende at undgå at blive svindelt fra deres depositum...

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