We are a digital payment service for everyone who wants a safe buying and selling experience.

PayProff A/S is a Danish payment service designed for trust and security, established in 2019 to bring certainty into an uncertain online environment and eliminate any shred of doubt during a money exchange.

We do so by offering special insured deposit accounts (escrow accounts) that are protected against insolvency, in which the funds of a money exchange can rest securely until the terms have been fulfilled. Think of it as a trusted third party that keeps the money safe to protect both buyer and seller.

We create trust for everyone
And enable safe exchanges to happen.
So you can shop with confidence.
PayProff was built out of the need to provide buyers and sellers with a solution that would increase safety and trust when buying and selling used cars online.

The founder, Jesper Ratza, saw this opportunity to secure his customers against fraud and scams, so he offered this service on the car auction trading platform he previously founded. The users loved loved it so much, that it became an integral part of the platform.

Our team

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